“Cioran et le Dieu des paradoxes” (Nicolae Turcan)

Paru dans Alkemie – Revue semestrielle de littérature et philosophie, numéro 6, décembre 2010 (« Cioran »)
Abstract: Paradox is a question of major importance for Cioran’s philosophical style. When referring to God, paradoxes gain similar values with the dogmatical antinomies as they are understood in the theology of apophasis of the Eastern Church : they become bridges to a God that is beyond concepts. The present text tries to show that Cioran’s God, unveiled by paradoxical structures, is more than a conceptual God, but less than the living God of christian revelation :it is a God that comes to life as the tension of the contradictions grows. Even though this is a life borrowed from the fervor and excesses of the parisian skeptic, the God of Cioran points rather to the living God with whom He resembles strikingly than to the God of modern metaphysics.
Key words: Cioran, God, paradox, apophatical theology, life, philosophy.
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