“Bach, Mozart and Beethoven’s music – philosophy lived in Cioran’s view” – Mădălina Dana RUCSANDA

Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Braşov, series VIII: Performing Arts • Vol. 8 (57) No. 2 – 2015

Abstract: Cioran is not a musicologist and not even an esthetic. His considerations and his preferences in music in some ways doubtful and even contradictory, are the resonance of the sound art, in a hungry soul of absolute and open to all creation thorough he thought that could come closer to him, who assumed the human condition as a personal experience. One of Cioran’s great passions or obsessions, we might even say, that can be found in almost all his creation, is music. Cioran gave his music references a certain unity in text but especially in subtext, indicating the possible directions for the systematization of the fragments according to the composers and the feelings influenced by their music, but also the meditations on the world, man and God. For Cioran, music is exclusively a living philosophy, the only art which gives sense to the word absolute; it is the lived absolute. His observations on Mozart, Bach and Beethoven, scattered through many pages, are the most profound commendations made to music.

Key-words: music, Emil Cioran, philosophy, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven