Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: “The Egyptian Origins of Gnosticism” (Miguel Conner)

Any true ecstasy is dangerous. It resembles the last stage of initiation in the Egyptian mysteries when, instead of the ultimate knowledge, one is told, “Osiris is a black divinity.” The absolute remains unknowable. I see a form of madness, not of knowledge, in the ecstasy of life’s ultimate origins. You cannot experience it except in solitude, when you feel as if you were floating above the world. (CIORAN, On The Heights of Despair)

Most assume the Jewish, Zoroastrian, and Greek origins of Gnosticism. However, by overlooking that the Gnostics were the direct carriers of older mysteries from Egypt, we miss the essence of their teachings. In many ways, these teachings go against all western theology. Perhaps Gnosis is primarily the ability to awaken a primordial serpent that humans have forgotten.

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