FALL FROM PARADISE: Story of a Sleepless Man Adrift in the Dark Night of the Soul

A short illustrated story about the trials and tribulations of a sleepless man fallen from Paradise and into the burden of time. No monetizing or commercial purposes whatsoever. A Le Dilettante / Portal E.M. Cioran Brasil production. For educational purposes only.

“I haven’t written with my blood, I’ve written with all the tears I supposed to have shed. Even if a logician, I would still be elegiac. The exclusion from Paradise, I live it every day, with the same passion and the same regret as the first outcast.” – CIORAN, Notebooks: 1957-1972

Special thanks to Alec Rodriguez [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpFp4TShwg5xSQm-ee9MBKA] for the original soundtrack (“Insomniac French Horn Concerto in C major”)


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