Eroticism, death and the devil – How Gothic art captivates us | DW Documentary

Death and the devil. Nudity and eroticism. Horror. With its daring subjects and blazing colors, the art of the Gothic period captivated viewers some 500 years ago, and still affects us deeply, today.

This documentary focuses on some of the most spectacular panels and paintings of the Gothic period. The mid-15th century saw the creation of works like “Purgatory,” “Hell,” and “Paradise.” Gothic specialists introduce us to these works, while explaining just how innovative Gothic painting really was. They walk us through the beauty of the colors, show us just how daring the erotic scenes can be, and highlight the raw power of the devils and monsters.

Art historian and director Grit Lederer explains how special macro-optic technology sheds new light on the artworks‘ tiniest details, while the storied Cologne Cathedral opens at midnight to let art historians examine the “Liebeszauber” painting, still shrouded in mystery to this day.

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