“The purpose of life” – Paul ERDÖS

When they ask you: “What is the purpose of Life?” “Proof and conjecture, and keep the SF’s score low.” Now, the game with the SF is defined as follows: If you do something bad the SF gets at least two points. If you don’t do something good which you could have done, the SF gets at least one point. And if nothing — if you are okay, then no one gets any point. And the aim is to keep the SF’s score low.

SF stands for the “Supreme Fascist”.

With the exception of some aberrant cases, man does not incline to the good: what god would impel him to do so? Man must vanquish himself, must do himself violence, in order to perform the slightest action untainted by evil. And each time he succeeds, he provokes or humiliates his Creator. If he manages to be good—no longer by effort or calculation, but by nature—he owes his achievement to an inadvertence from on high: he situates himself outside the universal order; he was foreseen by no divine plan. It is difficult to say what station the good man occupies among what we call beings, even if he is one. Perhaps he is a ghost?

CIORAN, “The New Gods” (1969)

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