Disinformation: the secret strategy to destroy the West (documentary)

This documentary was produced in 2015 it offers a very informative and timely historical presentation that offers a valuable overview of the practice of disinformation’ by the mainstream media. It was produced by WND Films based on the work of professor Ronald J. Rychlak and communist defector Ion Mihai Pacepa on the sabotage mechanisms (Fake News) against the social and moral structure of the West from the beginning of communism in Russia to the present day Communist China propaganda.

Disinformation was a Cold War effort that was tremendously successful in undermining Americans’ faith in its institutions. By planting erroneous “news” stories the Soviets would set the narrative that would influence Western thought. These stories are in circulation to this very day and represent the mainstream interpretation of the era’s events. The Soviets and their satellites devoted a tremendous amount of time and treasure to this activity – much more than was expended in espionage and with far greater returns.

Sadly, the seeds of disinformation that were planted during the Cold War continue to bear fruit today. And doctored new stories (Fake News) continue to be circulated with equally successful results. Misinformation has been spread throughout the West via “legitimate” news outlets on the home front. Because these stories are disseminated through non-communist channels they are believed to have credibility. For those unfamiliar with the tactics of subterfuge as practiced by the Communist Left Propaganda, this presentation will be a real eye-opener.  Two such campaigns for example, were the smearing of Pope Pius XII and the false interpretation of events surrounding John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Both campaigns have colored the public’s understanding of these two stories to this very day. Disinformation could never have occurred without willing accomplices in the media. And these outlets have largely been in the hands of the left for decades. Whether knowingly or not these journalists were acting as the “useful idiots” Lenin had labeled them from the very beginning.

Definition of disinformation: false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth.

Documentário produzido pela WND Films baseado na obra do professor Ronald J. Rychlak e do desertor comunista Ion Mihai Pacepa sobre os mecanismos de sabotagem contra a estrutura social e moral do ocidente desde o início do comunismo na Russia ate os dias de hoje com a China.


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