This family reported their son to national security authorities over QAnon | Four Corners

QAnon follower Tim Stewart’s an old friend of Australian prime minister Scott Morrison. His family reported him to the national security hotline

Four Corners / By Louise Milligan, Jeanavive McGregor and Lauren Day, 13 Jun 2021

The family of a man who has been friends with Prime Minister Scott Morrison for decades and follows the far-right conspiracy theory QAnon has revealed they are so concerned about his beliefs they have notified the national security hotline several times.

The Stewart family have broken their silence to Four Corners because they are worried about the immersion of Tim Stewart in QAnon beliefs.

QAnon’s followers broadly believe that former US President Donald Trump has waged a secret war against corrupt and satanic elites, including parts of government (dubbed the “deep state”) and A-list celebrities… [+]

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