“Cioran, Bach, God, and Isabelle Huppert’s Endless Je Ne Sais Quoi” – Teia BRÎNZĂ

Capital Cultural, România, 11/06/2018

In 2001, the legendary French actress Isabelle Huppert showed up at Cannes dressed in a vaporous black dress and with a temporary tattoo. The black lettering spanning across her arms and back read a quote from Emil Cioran: Dieu peut remercier Bach, parce que Bach est la preuve de l’existence de Dieu*. As always, her pale complexion accentuated by her red hair framed a fragile, barely outlined smile, that may have at any moment have broken into another impenetrable mask. How does Isabelle Huppert, in a one-minute appearance, leave behind such an unusual mix of discretion and exuberance, frailty and power – a stirring je ne sais quois and so much mystery?

“You give a certain depth to appearance”, Isabelle Huppert usually says – the “first lady of French cinema”, who since her debut in 1971 lent her face and artistic power to more than 100 films roles transcending the borders of France. Now, at 65, with no additional layers of make-up or any aesthetic enhancements, Isabelle Huppert’s freckled and pale face reveals a noble, ageless beauty… [+]

* God should thank Bach, for Bach is the proof of His existence (paraphrased from Lacrimi și Sfinți, Tears and Saints, published in 1937).

Isabelle Huppert talks about acting (English)

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