“Blaga-Cioran: incursiuni în marginea fiinţei” – Mihaela-Oana GOGOŞEANU

Caietele Lucian Blaga / Lucian Blaga Yearbook – Volumul XXII (1-2)

Abstract: The following paper focuses on what lies between transcendence and reality, between self and nonself, between bounded and infinite, it focuses on that included third which contradicts Aristotelian logic and which is represented by the margin itself, by the boundary between these concepts, as it is reflected in the texts of Lucian Blaga and Emil Cioran. The role of the limit is analysed especially in those contexts in which, in addition to spatial references, the limit has a figurative meaning, that of term at the intersection of an antithetical binomial that advances the being, in Hegel’s vision, towards becoming. Consequently, the paper will refer to texts from Blaga’s poetry, where there are twenty occurrences of the word “limit” (Romanian: “margine”), six of which meet the semantic condition mentioned above, but also in Cioran’s texts that treat this matter.

Key-words: Lucian Blaga, Emil Cioran, limit, philosophy, being


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