“Revalorizarea scepticismului în opera franceză a lui E. M. Cioran” – Horia Vicenţiu PĂTRAŞCU

Revista de filosofie, LXIV, 3, p. 349–357, Bucureşti, 2017

The revalorisation of scepticism in Emil Cioran’s French work. Cioran’s posterity – especially that due to the French written work – is labelled ‘scepticism’. To the attentive reader and especially to the researcher this tag seems strange as long as they are familiar with Cioran’s vituperations against the ‘sceptic’, against the detached and neutral wise. This article tries to explore the reasons why Cioran could be considered a sceptic in the French space and to analyse if there really exists a ‘conversion’ of Cioran in the French age of his work. The article’s conclusion is that – if we can talk about some scepticism concessions (maybe to facilitate the reception of his work by the French public) – they are inseparable from a revaluation of the scepticism from a change or extension of the meaning of this term and, inevitably, from a nuanced analysis of the ‘classic scepticism’, devitalized or showing symptoms of devitalizing in comparison with what I call apophatic or ecstatic scepticism.

Keywords: scepticism, doubt, reason, vitalism, truth, doctrine.


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