History of Yoga: The Path of my Ancestors | documentary

History of Yoga: The Path of my Ancestors is a 6000 year journey into origin, evolution & development of yoga. The story explores the elements of Yoga in Harappa Civilization, Veda, Jainism, Buddhism, Sufism, Hath-Yogic practices of medieval times & other peripheral doctrines. The film ends in 19th century where modern science acknowledges the potential of yoga in a new light.

 Directed by Deepika Kothari & Ramji Om

Contents of Video:

00:00 Why does our mind remain entangled in the outer world? 01:09 What is Yoga? 01:47 What is the benefit of Practicing Yoga? 02:38 Is the History of Yoga related to the History of Religion & Faith? 03:17 Is the History of Yoga linked to the History of India? 04:00 Who was sage Patanjali? 04:39 Did Sage Patanjali live during the time of Greek Invasion on Chittor? 05:21 How did Patanjali compile the Yoga Sutras? 06:05 Is Yoga the process of concentrating on the Chitta Consciousness? Did Ancient Indians acquire Knowledge through Yoga? 07:05 Does Yoga eliminate suffering? Who can attain a Samadhi? 07:57 What are the 8 limbs of Yoga? 08:50 Is the theory of Yoga Atheist in Nature? 09:24 What is asana & what is Pranayama? 10:09 When does the inner journey of Yoga Begin? 10:52 What is Samadhi? 12:10 Is the Harappa Seal related to Pashupati & Rigveda? 14:36 Was Harappa Society Matriarchal? 16:18 How is Sankhya Philosophy related to Yoga? 17:50 What are Sattva, Tamas & Raja? 18:31 Is Vikriti the transformation of Prakriti? 19:06 Were Samkhya & Yoga an integral part of Harappa Civilization? 20:03 Did the principles of Democracy originate from Yoga? 20:59 Were Harappans peace loving people? 21:32 Did the cleanliness of Harappa cities originate from the principle of Yoga? 22:55 Foot prints of Yoga in the Harappa Civilization 24:10 How old is Rigveda? 25:01 Was the Rigveda begun by the people of Harappa? 25:39 Is Yoga a mean to connect one’s mind with Nature? 27:05 Is Brahm Realized through Meditation? 28:40 How is Gayatri Mantra related to Yoga?. 29:31 Vedas & Yoga 30:31 How term Yoga appears in the Upanishads? 31:49 Was Yoga the guiding principle in Gautam Buddha’s Journey of Enlightenment? 34:55 Gautam Buddha, Vipassana & Buddhism 36:37 Emperor Ashoka, Buddhism & Non Violence 38:09 Jainism, Buddhism and Yoga. 39:16 The first Jain Tirthankar Rishabhdev & Yoga 40:23 Many Jain Tirthankars are shown in Tadasana or Sukhasana. 40:52 What according to Patanjali is Mahavrata? Does Jain Tirthankars practice Mahavrata? 41:52 Why is Mahaveer called a hero in India? 42:23 Mahabharata, Bhagvad Gita & Yoga. Is Yoga essential to win a war? 43:37 Does Bhagvad Gita also teach Yoga? 44:57 Is there a commentary on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 45:30 Is Yoga a part of Buddhist Philosophy? 46:00 Who was Nagarjuna? 46:33 Did Yogi’s succeed in enhancing their longevity? 47:13 How many types of Meditation are there in Buddhism? 49:50 Vigyan Bhairav, 112 ways of Meditation 51:04 Tantra & Yoga 51:40 What is Tantra? 53:07 Did Craftsmen of Ancient India meditate before creating a sculpture? 53:49 How does Yoga and Meditation bring divinity to human body? 55:12 Were the Elephanta Caves created by a Yogi sculptor? 57:00 Lord Shiva in Elephanta Caves 57:51 Why is it important to understand Kundalini to understand Yoga? 59:05 How does the Kundalini move upwards? 1:00:37 What happens when the Kundalini travels to the Top & all Chakras are opened? 1:01:45 Was the concept of Chakras created by Ayurveda? 1:02:29 Are the sounds that created the Universe present in our Consciousness? 1:03:23 What are Yogini Temples? How are they related to the Chakras in the Human Body? 1:04:03 Were the Yogini Temples destroyed by Invaders in the Medieval times? 1:04:49 Were Women the Center of Yoga in Harappan times? 1:05:50 Lord Shiva, Yoga & Bharat. 1:07:21 The Khajuraho Temples & Yoga 1:09:14 How a code language used in sculptures of Khajuraho temple explains the Knowledge of Yoga & Tantra. 1:10:06 Who were Matsyendranath, Gorakhnath and how are they related to Hatha Yoga? 1:13:35 Who wrote the Hatha Yoga Pradipika? 1:14:09 Hatha Yoga a technique for curing diseases 1:15:17 Did Yogi Gorakhnath consume Cannabis to keep the body young? What is Gorakh Dhanda? 1:15:47 The 4 pillars of Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, Mudra & Naadanusandhan 1:16:26 What does the reclining idol of Lord Vishnu in Ranganatha Temple Indicate? 1:16:59 Where did the Bhakti Movement originate from? 1:17:44 Was Sant Kabir inspired by the Bhakti Movement & Yoga? 1:18:44 Who was Mirabai named after? 1:19:38 Did Sufi’s practice Yoga? 1:21:42 Who are Bauls? 1:22:58 Destruction of Yoga by Invaders 1:23:28 Buddhist Monks & Meditation 1:24:40 Writings on Yoga 1:25:40 Maharaja Maan Singh of Jodhpur & Hatha Yoga 1:26:45 The story of Rama Krishna Paramhans 1:29:37 The Journey of Yoga

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