“Emil Cioran: la présence et l’écart” – Ovidiu HURDUZEU

Master’s Thesis presented to the Department of Foreign Languages, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Master of Arts, San Jose State University, USA, August, 1993 [PDF]


In this essay Cioran: La presence et l’écart, the author has examined the works of the Romanian-born French writer E.M.Cioran, a brilliant exponent of the philosophical essay in France.

As a Romanian exile in Paris since 1937, Cioran has established a significant position for himself in contemporary French literature. He has been viewed unanimously as one of the greatest French stylists while his contribution to the development of the contemporary essay has often been compared to Beckett’s contribution to renewing the theatre.

This essay, written in the framework of phenomenological and deconstructive criticism, has challenged the common view that Cioran is a great metaphysician. This thesis demontrates that Cioran, like an entire post-modern school of thought (Derrida, Blanchot, Foucault, etc.), is in revolt not only against the Enlightenment, with its sterile rationalism, but also against the metaphysical revolution that followed it. The inner struggle between his anti-metaphysics and a metaphysical tradition that he cannot escape entirely, makes him synthesize paradoxical conclusions within the same total vision.



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