The Cheaper Your Pleasures, The Richer You’ll Be: Minimalist Philosophy | EINZELGÄNGER

How can we be satisfied without cost? How can we be wealthy with only the bare minimum? Several philosophers of the past shed their light on questions like these. And, according to some, the cheaper your pleasures, the richer you’ll be. This video explores different views on wealth, desire, and pleasure and how being ‘rich’ can be pretty cheap (minimalist philosophy).

What a disappointment that Epicurus, the sage I most need, should have written over three hundred treatises! And what a relief that they are lost!

CIORAN, The Trouble with being born (1973)

The modern world is just as badly off, judging by the remedies from which it expects miracles. Epicurus, the least fanatic of the wise, was the great loser then, as he is today. One is filled with amazement and even with dread when one hears men speak of freeing Man. How might slaves free the Slave? And how to believe that history—a procession of delusions—can drag on much longer? Soon it will be closing time in the gardens everywhere.

CIORAN, Drawn & Quartered (1979)


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