Fashion in Congo: What is a Sapeur? | The Congolese Dandies of Brazzaville | La Sape

Welcome to Brazzaville in The Republic of Congo, where expensive high fashion is King. These Congolese men are known as ‘La Sape’ or ‘Sapeurs’, and sometimes by ‘The Congo Dandies’: this documentary explores their way of life

Discover a different side of Congo, other than the war and suffering. The sapeurs adhere to a subculture of high fashion. They may be surrounded by extreme poverty but as Yves Saint Laurent, President of the Sapeur Association, explains, they’re always dressed impeccably in Versace or Prada. Rapper Cheriff Bakala, is working on recording his first album in a country with almost no producers. Meanwhile wrestler Palmas Ya Ya, is relying on voodoo and faith to help him defeat younger, stronger opponents…



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