“Islamic Non-Dualism: The Sufi Poetry of al-Shuhstari” – Filip HOLM | LET’S TALK RELIGION

This episode is a sort of remake of an earlier one I did on al-Shushtari a few years back, with some added content. Join me as we explore on of the most fascinating Sufi poets in history.

Translations of poems and the Baghdad Treatise are from the works of Lourdes Maria Alvarez. Translations from Risalat al-Qusariyya are by Yousef Casewit.

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  1. Intro
  2. Shushtari’s Life
  3. Wahdat al-Mutlaqa (Absolute Oneness)
  4. Mysticism in the Islamic West
  5. Tahqiq (Wahdat al-Mutlaqa cont.)
  6. Shushtari’s Final Years
  7. The Poetry of al-Shushtari
  8. Shushtari’s defense of Sufism
  9. Legacy & Conclusions