Russia at war: what do Russians say? | DW documentary

When Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine, it sent shock waves through Europe. The West expected Russia would see mass protests against the war, but these never happened. The authorities have tightened their grip on dissent.

Filmmaker Demian von Osten has lived in Russia for almost five years. He’s seen how people throughout the country have become increasingly silent about politics and the war, and how freedoms have been curtailed. Since the start of the war he has been accompanying four Russians, some of whom support Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine, and others who are critical of him. The documentary is a stark illustration of how life has changed for people in Russia and how they feel about the war.

Who needs “denazifying”? – Former Chief Rabbi of Moscow wishes Russian troops would “go back to Russia” | DW Interview

In an interview with DW at the #MSC, Pinchas Goldschmidt, the former chief rabbi of Moscow, shares his concern for the future of Jewish life in Russia under Putin’s leadership.