“Un Cioran pesimist şi optimist. Preferinţele sale filosofice” – Mara Magda MAFTEI

Revista Transilvania, 3 / 2009

Cioran’s Pessimistic and Optimistic Views. His Philosophical Preferences

Abstract: Cioran is considered to be a representative of the Romanian existentialism, known as experientialism or trairism, with Christian and mystic connotations, taken over from Nae Ionescu. Existentialism matches with liberalism, due to the supremacy given both to the individual and to the individual freedom. The assumption of these prerogatives forms the foundation of experientialism. The trairism represents the Romanian formula and it is cultivated by the domestic political philosophy of the between war generation educated by Nae Ionescu, but it also absorbs a lot from the main points of the individual-based philosophy: Camus, Schopenhauer, Shestov, Nietzsche. In this article, we shall stop at the philosophical preferences of Cioran, those which meant a lot for his further evolution as a thinker. It is about an analysis of what Cioran took over from his preferred philosophers, of certain recurrent themes, of pessimistic and optimistic views in the writing of Cioran; of key importance are the influences of Spengler and Keyserling, especially Spengler, who educated Cioran’s taste for nationalism.

Keywords: experientialism, individual-based philosophy, nationalism, the young generation, Nae Ionescu, Camus, Schopenhauer, Shestov, Nietzsche, Spengler, Keyserling