“I believe chatbots understand part of what they say” – Sabine HOSSENFELDER

I used to think that today’s so-called “artificial intelligences” are actually pretty dumb. But I’ve recently changed my mind. In this video I want to explain why I think that they do understand some of what they do, if not very much. And since I was already freely speculating, I have added some thoughts about how the situation with AIs is going to develop.

  1. Intro
  2. The Chinese Room
  3. The Quantum Room
  4. How Do Chatbots Learn?
  5. What Does “Understanding” Mean?
  6. Do We “Understand” Quantum Mechanics?
  7. Where Will The AI Boom Lead Us?
  8. Check Out My Quantum Mechanics Course

Further reading: BISHOP, J. Mark, NASUTO, Slawomir J., COECKE, Bob, “Quantum linguistics’ and Searle’s Chinese room argument” [PDF]