“Be friends with death” – Alan WATTS

Alan wrote over 25 books on subjects such as personal identity, the true nature of reality, higher consciousness, the meaning of life, and the non-material pursuit of happiness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pKyavcNi7c Here are some qoutes form Alan Watts about death. "Death is another form of life.""Death is the only that is promised in life. Don't allow the… Continue lendo “Be friends with death” – Alan WATTS

“John Keats and ‘negative capability’” – Stephen HEBRON

BRITISH LIBRARY > Discovering Literature > Romantics and Victorians Stephen Hebron explores Keats’s understanding of negative capability, a concept which prizes intuition and uncertainty above reason and knowledge. In December 1817 John Keats was returning from the Christmas pantomime with his friends Charles Wentworth Dilke and Charles Brown. On the walk home, he later told his brothers… Continue lendo “John Keats and ‘negative capability’” – Stephen HEBRON

John Keats: documentary (2014)

John Keats (31 October 1795 – 23 February 1821) was an English poet of the second generation of Romantic poets, with Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley, although his poems had been in publication for less than four years when he died of tuberculosis at the age of 25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtsZ79kt4Iw They were indifferently received in… Continue lendo John Keats: documentary (2014)

Documentary: The Romantics (2006)

Peter Ackroyd, writer, historian and presenter of The Romantics, explains how Romantic poetry brought about a revolution in ideas in the early 19th century that changed the face of the world today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpL77C2RNVk This documentary looks at a group of visionary writers who changed the way we see the world - the Romantics - and… Continue lendo Documentary: The Romantics (2006)

“The Faith of Puppets” – John GRAY

Going far back into the ancient world, recurring in cultures widely separated in space and time, surfacing in religion, philosophy and the occult, exercising a powerful influence in modern science and politics, Gnosticism has coexisted and competed with, secreted itself within and hidden itself from many other ways of thinking. There have been Gnostic strands… Continue lendo “The Faith of Puppets” – John GRAY

“The Revelation of Philip K. Dick” – John GRAY

It would be hard to find a more striking statement of a Gnostic world-view than this: Behind the counterfeit universe lies God … It is not a man who is estranged from God; it is God who is estranged from God. He evidently willed it this way at the beginning, and has never since sought… Continue lendo “The Revelation of Philip K. Dick” – John GRAY

The Controversial Guru Who Wants to ‘Upgrade Civilization’ | Vice News

Bentinho Massaro has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, supporters the spiritual guru gained through his teachings about “self-realization,” “enlightenment,” and the idea of “upgrading civilization.” While some of his ideas are pretty standard, like the importance of silent meditation, others are controversial: he’s said that 9/11 was an inside job, that he… Continue lendo The Controversial Guru Who Wants to ‘Upgrade Civilization’ | Vice News

Why Russia’s Generals May Be Planning To Overthrow Vladimir Putin Amid Ongoing Ukraine War | CRUX

Russian President Vladimir Putin is facing the threat of a coup due to the ongoing war with Ukraine. The defence establishment in Russia is dived over the proceedings in the conflict. The Russian army is reportedly not happy with Putin's decision to pull back its mission in Kyiv and focus on Donbas. In the episode,… Continue lendo Why Russia’s Generals May Be Planning To Overthrow Vladimir Putin Amid Ongoing Ukraine War | CRUX

“The Nature of Human Violence” – Gwen ADSHEAD

In this lecture, Professor Gwen Adshead will explore current conceptualisations of violence, using criminological, penal and psychological perspectives. She will discuss why rates of violence appear to be falling, and whether all forms of violence are the same. She will explore the relationship between mental disorder and violence, and the concept of 'normal' violence in… Continue lendo “The Nature of Human Violence” – Gwen ADSHEAD

Putin likes when people get poisoned | Spitting Image

Spitting Image is a British satirical television puppet show, created by Peter Fluck, Roger Law and Martin Lambie-Nairn. First broadcast in 1984, the series was produced by 'Spitting Image Productions' for Central Independent Television over 18 series which aired on the ITV network. The series was nominated and won numerous awards, including ten BAFTA Television… Continue lendo Putin likes when people get poisoned | Spitting Image