Putin and the presidents | Frontline PBS documentary

FRONTLINE investigates Russian President Vladimir Putin’s clashes with five American presidents as he’s tried to rebuild the Russian empire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJI8XTa_DII Drawing on in-depth conversations with insiders from five U.S. presidential administrations, former U.S. intelligence leaders, diplomats, Russian politicians, authors and journalists, “Putin and the Presidents” reveals how the miscalculations and missteps of multiple American presidents… Continue lendo Putin and the presidents | Frontline PBS documentary


Brazil’s MAGA Inspired Pro-Bolsonaro Riots | Vice News

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_drdNpcK_Q On Jan. 8, Pro-Bolsonaro rioters invaded Brazil's presidential palace in a flattering imitation of MAGA's Jan. 6 insurrection. Many uncanny resemblances between the events raised questions about just how global Trump's election-denying utopia has grown. RELATED CONTENT:

“Common dreams you should never ignore when you wake up” – Simon JACOBSON

We all have dreams, we all have nightmares, but do they mean anything? There are many stories in the Bible of dreams carrying vital messages (Joseph, Pharaoh, Jacob, Nebuchadnezzar, and others), and experts of human psychology from Sigmund Freud to Carl Jung explored this very question. In this video, Rabbi Jacobson reveals what Judaism and… Continue lendo “Common dreams you should never ignore when you wake up” – Simon JACOBSON

“Does consciousness exist?” – William JAMES

Journal of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Methods, 1, 1904, 477-491. [PDF] 'Thoughts' and 'things' are names for two sorts of object, which common sense will always find contrasted and will always practically oppose to each other. Philosophy, reflecting on the contrast, has varied in the past in her explanations of it, and may be expected to… Continue lendo “Does consciousness exist?” – William JAMES

Conspiracy Theorists Are Creating Their Own Nation | Decade of Hate

We Brazilians know this great divide pretty well: it's called "Brasil Paralelo". Sovereign Citizens are a bizarre anti-government conspiracist group who believe they’re above the law. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0ZbfkBCwtk Many renounce their citizenship and refuse to pay taxes. For years, they were viewed as idiotic but relatively harmless. But more recently, some have joined forces with anti-vaxxers… Continue lendo Conspiracy Theorists Are Creating Their Own Nation | Decade of Hate

Inside The Military’s Extremism Problem | Field Notes

We speak to the VICE reporters who criss-crossed the United States covering a growing problem within the American military: far-right extremism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcom3wdhVuw CONTEÚDO RELACIONADO:

Inside the Wellness Festival for Millionaires | Fringes

'A-Fest' is an annual super-elite, invite-only festival that promises to radically change your life. Run by MindValley, this is distilled, silicon valley alt-wellness marketed to millionaires and aspirational millionaires across the globe. The man behind the whole business is Vishen Lakhiani. He progressed from selling meditation CDs online to owning a $40 million company with… Continue lendo Inside the Wellness Festival for Millionaires | Fringes

A Lavagem Cerebral do Meu Pai (The Brainwashing of My Dad) | Documentário (2015)

Uma cineasta, Jen Senko, explora a mudança radical de seu pai na transição de um democrata a um fanático de extrema direita, após sua imersão em talk radios de extrema direita e particularmente no principal canal conservador norte-americano, a Fox News. Senko descobre que este é um fenômeno poderoso que tem dividido famílias por todo… Continue lendo A Lavagem Cerebral do Meu Pai (The Brainwashing of My Dad) | Documentário (2015)

“Deconstructing Jordan Peterson” – Alex J. O’CONNOR

Jordan Peterson is famously vague when asked about his views on the existence of God. He's more enthusiastic about discussing religion and scripture broadly, but still then leaves some mystery about his actual views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-yQVlHo4JA In this video, I try my best to identify and unpack Peterson's religious philosophy, before offering some objections. RELATED CONTENT:

America’s Extreme Cults: The End of the World That Never Happened | USA Cult Documentary

Let us leave off these divagations, for it serves no purpose to invent a “comforting interlude,” wearisome feature of all eschatologies. Not that we may not conceive this new humanity, transfigured on the brink of the horrible; yet who can assure us that, its goal once achieved, it would not fall back into the miseries… Continue lendo America’s Extreme Cults: The End of the World That Never Happened | USA Cult Documentary