“I believe chatbots understand part of what they say” – Sabine HOSSENFELDER

I used to think that today's so-called "artificial intelligences" are actually pretty dumb. But I've recently changed my mind. In this video I want to explain why I think that they do understand some of what they do, if not very much. And since I was already freely speculating, I have added some thoughts about… Continue lendo “I believe chatbots understand part of what they say” – Sabine HOSSENFELDER


“Stop Chasing What You Think Will Make You Happy: Secrets of Solitude” – Alan WATTS

Alan Wilson Watts (6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973) was an English writer, speaker and self-styled "philosophical entertainer", known for interpreting and popularising Japanese, Chinese and Indian traditions of Buddhist, Taoist, and Hindu philosophy for a Western audience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sddCXVvoGd0 [...] so long as you are trying to make progress, you will go up. But… Continue lendo “Stop Chasing What You Think Will Make You Happy: Secrets of Solitude” – Alan WATTS

“A clareza e a quietude do Tao” – Qing Jing CHING

«A vida intensa é contrária ao Tao», ensina Lao-Tse, o homem mais normal que alguma vez existiu. Mas o vírus cristão corrói-nos: herdeiros dos flagelantes, é refinando os nossos suplícios que tomamos consciência de nós próprios. A religião declina? Nós perpetuamos as suas extravagâncias, do mesmo modo que perpetuamos as macerações e os gritos das… Continue lendo “A clareza e a quietude do Tao” – Qing Jing CHING

“Does consciousness exist?” – William JAMES

Journal of Philosophy, Psychology, and Scientific Methods, 1, 1904, 477-491. [PDF] 'Thoughts' and 'things' are names for two sorts of object, which common sense will always find contrasted and will always practically oppose to each other. Philosophy, reflecting on the contrast, has varied in the past in her explanations of it, and may be expected to… Continue lendo “Does consciousness exist?” – William JAMES

“Non-Duality and the Mystery of Consciousness” – Peter RUSSELL

What is non-duality? What do we mean by consciousness? Does it really exist? What is reality? Is there any thing "out there"? Why don't we see consciousness in the material world? What do we mean by "I"? Why is any of this important? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ0YFoUcY0s From the deep pools of Eastern wisdom, to the fast-paced rapids… Continue lendo “Non-Duality and the Mystery of Consciousness” – Peter RUSSELL

“Politics of Consciousness” – Yuval Noah HARARI

What is consciousness? Who has consciousness? And why is it so dangerous to confuse it with intelligence? How does our understanding of consciousness impact the ethical, political and legal debates about abortion, animal rights and the legal status of AI? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rtS2OEV6bM In this video talk, Yuval Noah Harari unpacks these huge questions step by step,… Continue lendo “Politics of Consciousness” – Yuval Noah HARARI

“Considere estar sonhando” – Dzongsar Khyentse RINPOCHE

Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche ou Thubten Chökyi Gyamtso, é um grande mestre da linhagem Nyingma do budismo tibetano, cineasta e escritor. Nascido em 1961, em Khenpajong (leste do Butão), é o filho mais velho de Thinley Norbu.Aos sete anos, foi reconhecido por Sua Santidade Sakya Trizin como a principal encarnação de Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi… Continue lendo “Considere estar sonhando” – Dzongsar Khyentse RINPOCHE

Zen and Nonduality – Kazuaki TANAHASHI

Kazuaki Tanahashi talks about Zen Buddhism and its relation to Nonduality, the symbolism of the ensō (円相, "circular form") calligraphy, and the Heart Sutra. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03NUs0WOpAg Kazuaki Tanahashi (棚橋一晃, born October 4, 1933) is an accomplished Japanese calligrapher, Zen teacher, author and translator of Buddhist texts from Japanese and Chinese to English, most notably works by… Continue lendo Zen and Nonduality – Kazuaki TANAHASHI

Active Imagination: Confrontation with the Unconscious | Eternalised

Active imagination is a technique developed by the Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung. He considered it the most powerful tool to access the unconscious and for achieving wholeness of personality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRVlWEwmbfQ Jung discovered this method between the years of 1913 and 1916, a period of disorientation and intense inner turmoil which he called his… Continue lendo Active Imagination: Confrontation with the Unconscious | Eternalised

“O esforço é necessário” – Ramana MAHARSHI

Bhagavan Sri Râmana Mahârshi (1879 - 1950), foi um mestre de Advaita Vedanta e famoso santo do sul da Índia, considerado um dos maiores sábios de todos os tempos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIYzfygYE9k A essência de seus ensinamentos é o Atma Vichara, Self-Enquiry (auto-inquirição, auto-investigação). Seu objetivo é eliminar as falsas ideias sobre o Eu e o ego,… Continue lendo “O esforço é necessário” – Ramana MAHARSHI