The Trickster “Archetype”: The Truth about Your Shadow | Jung To Live By

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The Psychology of the Trickster | Eternalised

There is perhaps no figure in literature more fascinating than the trickster, appearing in various forms in the folklore of many cultures. Trickster is witty and deceitful. He is the timeless root of all the picaresque creations of world literature, and is not reducible to one single literary entity. Trickster tales have existed since ancient… Continue lendo The Psychology of the Trickster | Eternalised

Troya, entre realidad y poesía – Antonio ALVAR

Fundación Juan March, 31 de enero de 2013 Troya es épica, lírica, mítica. Durante 3.000 años vivió esencialmente a partir de los poemas de Homero. Sin embargo es una ciudad que ha existido y por tanto también de interés arqueológico. Con estos referentes, Antonio Alvar traza sus coordenadas entre la realidad y la poesía.… Continue lendo Troya, entre realidad y poesía – Antonio ALVAR

“Urgência do Pior” – CIORAN

Revista (n.t.) Nota do Tradutor, ano 5, no 9, novembro de 2014. [PDF] O TEXTO: Publicado na França em 1979, Écartèlement (“Esquartejamento”) é um dos últimos livros do romeno E. M. Cioran (1911-1995), no qual seu estilo francês já se encontra bastante maturado. É composto tanto por aforismos quanto por ensaios dissertativos, dentre os quais “Urgence… Continue lendo “Urgência do Pior” – CIORAN

“Enlightenment as Exodus: Jewish Ulysses” – Agata BIELIK-ROBSON

University of Bucharest Review. Literary and Cultural Studies Series, nr. 2, 2006, p. 25-29. [PDF] Summary/Abstract: In Dialectic of Enlightenment, the leading achievement and the intellectual highlight of the Frankfurt School, Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, the famous authorial duo, claim that the main civilisational force which created modern culture is escape from mystery. Only by… Continue lendo “Enlightenment as Exodus: Jewish Ulysses” – Agata BIELIK-ROBSON

“How Angels Really Look Like, According to the Bible” – Ben KAGEYAMA

History of Yesterday, September 22, 2020 Heaven might be more bizarre than blissful When people think of Angels, they mostly picture a majestic human-like winged being. Cherubs, which are a type of angel also mentioned in the Bible, have been reimagined to fit the image of Cupid — cute babies with tiny wings. However, these… Continue lendo “How Angels Really Look Like, According to the Bible” – Ben KAGEYAMA

The Mysterious Origins of the Angel Metatron from the 3rd Book of Enoch | ESOTERICA

Metatron is probably the most powerful and mysterious Angel in Jewish lore. But what are the origins of this being known as the "Lesser Yahweh (יהוה הקתן)" ? In the 5/6th century ce Sefer Hekhalot (Book of Palaces or 3 Enoch), we go on a heavenly journey to the Throne (merkavah) of God with Rabbi… Continue lendo The Mysterious Origins of the Angel Metatron from the 3rd Book of Enoch | ESOTERICA

“The Devil Reassured” – CIORAN

Why is God so dull, so feeble, so inadequately picturesque? Why does He lack interest, vigor, actuality and resemble us so little? Is there any image less anthropomorphic and more gratuitously remote? How could we have projected into Him lights so dim and powers so unsteady? Where have our energeis leaked away to, where have… Continue lendo “The Devil Reassured” – CIORAN

Gnose, pessimisme et antinatalisme dans Le Mauvais Démiurge – CIORAN

Timide, dépourvu de dynamisme, le bien est inapte à se communiquer ; le mal, autrement empressé, veut se transmettre, et il y arrive puisqu’il possède le double privilège d’être fascinant et contagieux. Aussi voit-on plus facilement s’étendre, sortir de soi, un dieu mauvais qu’un dieu bon. Cette incapacité de demeurer en soi-même, dont le créateur devait… Continue lendo Gnose, pessimisme et antinatalisme dans Le Mauvais Démiurge – CIORAN

Religion, Atheism, Heidegger, and the Dark Night of the Soul – Diana PASULKA

Diana Pasulka discusses Jung, Heidegger, and the recent UFO hearings. Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal (podcast). Diana Walsh Pasulka is a writer and professor of religious studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion. Topics: IntroductionDiana's journey from "atheist" ⇒ "agnostic" (with respect to… Continue lendo Religion, Atheism, Heidegger, and the Dark Night of the Soul – Diana PASULKA