“The Gnostic Emile Cioran” – David TOPALĂ

An (often overlooked) giant in modern philosophy is Emile Cioran. Beyond his legendary critiques of culture and his contributions to existentialism and pessimism, Cioran resurrected Gnostic thought as a black mirror to a self-important, self-destructive society that continues today. We explore Cioran’s Gnostic insights and aphorisms – from the wrath of the Demiurge to the… Continue lendo “The Gnostic Emile Cioran” – David TOPALĂ


“Gnostic Pneumatherapy” – Joseph LANCASTER / “Gnosticism as Negative Psychology” – Peter SLOTERDIJK

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xacTnd8xsw Dr. Joseph Lancaster joins Finding Hermes to discuss his Gnostic approach to psychic wellness. His work draws from ancient and modern Gnosticism, from the Sophianic myth to the insights of CG Jung and Stephan Hoeller. So much healing depends on taking the Hero’s Journey, which always includes self-knowledge and defeating the dragons of ignorance.… Continue lendo “Gnostic Pneumatherapy” – Joseph LANCASTER / “Gnosticism as Negative Psychology” – Peter SLOTERDIJK

“The Evil Creator and The Sethians” – David LITWA

The idea of a deficient Demiurge was widespread in early Christian times. Why? Between a literal reading of the Hebrew Bible and pagan polemics, the moral and authoritative standing of the creator was fiercely questioned. From Egyptian priests to Gnostic sects, from Paul to Marcion, we read the ancient Yelp reviews of Yahweh. As a… Continue lendo “The Evil Creator and The Sethians” – David LITWA

“Why Evil Matters” (Alex Tsakiris)

THE GOD ABOVE GOD, December 26, 2020 We discuss the nature of iniquity, including why modern culture seems to overlook or misdiagnose the forces of evil. Our exploration will take us to the realms of spiritual wickedness and the darkest depths of today’s society. However, going into the heart of darkness will reveal the illumination… Continue lendo “Why Evil Matters” (Alex Tsakiris)

“Bogomils: From Satanail to Satan” (Alexander Maistrovoy)

The God Above God, Oct 4, 2020 Dualistic religions did not occur in the steady, stable, and trouble-free states. They acquired strength only in places with an inordinate accumulation of suffering and where the darkness was so deeply condensed that the very earthly existence and all benevolent intentions became pointless. Where God and Satan swapped… Continue lendo “Bogomils: From Satanail to Satan” (Alexander Maistrovoy)

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: “Dealing with Christian superstition” – Robert M. PRICE

Superstition is more than just believing in fiction. It’s a dangerous incubator for cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, and warped perceptual filters. Most of all, superstition cuts us off from experiencing the sublime and engaging in deep introspection. We deal with Christian superstition, from the notions of eternal damnation to the idea of a personal Jesus… Continue lendo Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: “Dealing with Christian superstition” – Robert M. PRICE

“Made, not born” – Adrienne MAYOR

WHO FIRST IMAGINED the concepts of robots, automata, human enhancements, and Artificial Intelligence? Historians tend to trace the idea of the automaton back to the medieval craftsmen who developed self-moving machines. But if we cast our nets back even further, more than two thousand years ago in fact, we will find a remarkable set of… Continue lendo “Made, not born” – Adrienne MAYOR

“Defeating the Archons” – Jay WEIDNER; Laurence GALIAN

What exactly are the Archons? Are they rebellious angels? Extraterrestrial invaders or alien mind parasites? We present a special show on the Powers and Principalities with two brilliant thinkers. Just as important as understanding the reality of the Archons, we gain the insights and tools to overthrow their tyrannical yoke on humanity and a dying… Continue lendo “Defeating the Archons” – Jay WEIDNER; Laurence GALIAN

“A Gnostic Creation Myth: the Valentinian Tripartite Tractate” – Cyd Charise ROPP

AEON BYTE GNOSTIC RADIO, July 1, 2019 We deal with the fascinating creation myth found in the Nag Hammadi library’s Tripartite Tractate. This Valentinian work provides as many differences as it does parallels to the Sethian cosmologies. Even more, our guest reveals her beautiful visuals that correspond to this gospel, as well as unique insights… Continue lendo “A Gnostic Creation Myth: the Valentinian Tripartite Tractate” – Cyd Charise ROPP

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: “The Egyptian Origins of Gnosticism” – Miguel CONNER

Any true ecstasy is dangerous. It resembles the last stage of initiation in the Egyptian mysteries when, instead of the ultimate knowledge, one is told, "Osiris is a black divinity." The absolute remains unknowable. I see a form of madness, not of knowledge, in the ecstasy of life's ultimate origins. You cannot experience it except… Continue lendo Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: “The Egyptian Origins of Gnosticism” – Miguel CONNER