“Entrismo na Esquerda – Quarta Teoria Política, Duginismo e o PDT” – Michel GHERMAN & Letícia OLIVEIRA

Há algo de podre no reino das esquerdas nacionalistas. Enquanto pipocam análises no mínimo duvidosas sobre a guerra entre Rússia e Ucrânia, uma ala da esquerda se aproxima perigosamente de figuras com Aleksandr Dugin, guru de Putin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMY3Dy_lHUc Como podemos pensar esses riscos e, principalmente, combater o entrismo na esquerda? Michel conversa com a jornalista… Continue lendo “Entrismo na Esquerda – Quarta Teoria Política, Duginismo e o PDT” – Michel GHERMAN & Letícia OLIVEIRA

“We have our special Russian truth” – Alexandr DUGIN | BBC Newsnight

The devil pales beside the man who owns a truth, his truth. We are unfair to a Nero, a Tiberius: it was not they who invented the concept heretic: they were only degenerate dreamers who happened to be entertained by massacres. The real criminals are men who establish an orthodoxy on the religious or political… Continue lendo “We have our special Russian truth” – Alexandr DUGIN | BBC Newsnight

“Between Evola and Dugin: Traditionalism in a Romanian Iron Guard Manifesto” – Jason ROBERTS

Nae Ionescu (1890-1940), a Philosophy professor at the University of Bucharest in the inter-war period, and the mastermind of the Iron Guard who co-opted Cioran's young generation of intellectuals (tânăra generaţie of 1927) into the Legionary movement (Ionescu only adhered to the Iron Guard due to a grudge with the king); Julius Evola (1898-1974), an… Continue lendo “Between Evola and Dugin: Traditionalism in a Romanian Iron Guard Manifesto” – Jason ROBERTS

“Russia for Russians!” – Sergey SUKHANKIN

CIDOB - Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, 9/2015 Ultranationalism and xenophobia in Russia: from marginality to state promoted philosophy Sergey Sukhankin, Associate Expert, International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS), Kiev). Historian, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Kaliningrad The course of Russian development over the past decade has explicitly shown that both internal milieu and foreign policy… Continue lendo “Russia for Russians!” – Sergey SUKHANKIN

Lançamento do livro “Guerra pela eternidade” – Benjamin TEITELBAUM

“Guerra pela Eternidade” desvenda a base ideológica que funda a nova direita. Livro expõe o pensamento Tradicionalista, uma das facetas mais conservadoras da nova direita mundial Jornal da UNICAMP, 10 de dezembro de 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhk2yD8iJvw Benjamin Teitelbaum é etnógrafo, doutor pela Universidade de Brown e professor de Relações Internacionais na Universidade do Colorado (Estados Unidos).… Continue lendo Lançamento do livro “Guerra pela eternidade” – Benjamin TEITELBAUM

“Quem é Alexandr Dugin, o guru ocultista de Putin” – Lorenzo LAZZAROTTO

Alexander Dugin é, sem dúvida, uma das mentes mais importantes na Rússia contemporânea. Mas qual a formação desse homem, que, na virada dos anos 2000 saiu do mais completo anonimato para se tornar o intelectual por trás do regime de Putin, ao ponto de suas obras terem se tornado leituras obrigatórias para a formação de… Continue lendo “Quem é Alexandr Dugin, o guru ocultista de Putin” – Lorenzo LAZZAROTTO

Alexander Dugin: Extreme Thought on Apocalypticism and Heidegger?

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet


Right off the bat: I do not share what I describe below in any form or fashion, but we have to take a peek into the dark side of strangeness and keep abreast of the fringes that seem to be insinuating themselves into politics abroad and at home.

For those that have kept abreast of the Utlra-Right mutations and divigations from NRx to the New Right of European thought there is an interview with the Russian apocalypse, Alexander Dugin on Martin Heidegger:

Dugin has the ear of Putin, and one is almost reminded of the Old Csar of the Russian Empire and Grigori Rasputin. Dugin has just enough of the political witchcraft of Western conceptuality to make him dangerous. He is he tells us neither of the Right or the Left, and against all forms of Modernity as he perceives it: both liberal and communist. He’s an apocalyptic Christian…

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Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin | Nexus Symposium (2019)

On 21 September 2019, the Nexus Institute — one of the most prestigious intellectual organizations keeping the spirit of European humanism alive — celebrated its 25th anniversary with a public symposium entitled ‘The Magic Mountain Revisited: Cultivating the Human Spirit in Dispirited Times’, after the founding novel of the Nexus Institute, Thomas Mann’s The Magic… Continue lendo Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin | Nexus Symposium (2019)

Why Russia gets more nationalistic under Putin | VPRO Documentary

Why does Russia get more nationalistic under Putin? Why is nationalism in Russia a big topic? And what is modern Russia under Putin pursuing for a strategy? Dutch journalist and Russia expert Jelle Brandt Corstius tries to find out who is pushing the forces behind Putin's desire for expansion and why people in Russia are… Continue lendo Why Russia gets more nationalistic under Putin | VPRO Documentary

“Esoteric Gatherings” – Benjamin TEITELBAUM

I SPENT DECEMBER 2018 AT HOME IN BOULDER PLAYING catch-up with events that had taken place on the global political stage during the past months. This was the time of midterm congressional elections in the United States, and the Democrats had taken the House of Representatives but failed to wrest control of the Senate from… Continue lendo “Esoteric Gatherings” – Benjamin TEITELBAUM