“Twilight of the Gods” – Peter SLOTERDIJK

What should we say to the antimodernist hysteria that has been blazing for centuries, now that it alleges that the human being would like to “become like God”? And if the answer were that, according to basic Christian doctrine, God wanted to become human, should anyone be surprised then that humans’ certainty of their distinguished… Continue lendo “Twilight of the Gods” – Peter SLOTERDIJK


Alexander Dugin: Extreme Thought on Apocalypticism and Heidegger?

The Dark Fantastic: Literature, Philosophy, and Digital Arts


Right off the bat: I do not share what I describe below in any form or fashion, but we have to take a peek into the dark side of strangeness and keep abreast of the fringes that seem to be insinuating themselves into politics abroad and at home.

For those that have kept abreast of the Utlra-Right mutations and divigations from NRx to the New Right of European thought there is an interview with the Russian apocalypse, Alexander Dugin on Martin Heidegger:

Dugin has the ear of Putin, and one is almost reminded of the Old Csar of the Russian Empire and Grigori Rasputin. Dugin has just enough of the political witchcraft of Western conceptuality to make him dangerous. He is he tells us neither of the Right or the Left, and against all forms of Modernity as he perceives it: both liberal and communist. He’s an apocalyptic Christian…

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“Apocalyptic Politics” – John GRAY

The religious roots of modern revolutionary movements were first systematically uncovered in Norman Cohn’s seminal study The Pursuit of the Millennium. It has often been noted that for its followers communism had many of the functions of a religion – a fact reflected in the title of a famous collection of essays by disillusioned ex-communists,… Continue lendo “Apocalyptic Politics” – John GRAY

“La prophétie du pire” (Sylvain David)

Fonte: Chapitre VI. La prophétie du pire - Presses de l’Université de Montréal DAVID, Sylvain, Cioran. Un héroïsme à rebours. Montréal: Presses Universitaires Montréal, 2006. L’homme, bien qu’il soit lui-même mortel, ne peut se représenter ni la fin de l’espace, ni la fin du temps, ni la fin de l’Histoire, ni la fin d’un peuple,… Continue lendo “La prophétie du pire” (Sylvain David)

“L’Apocalypse et le dernier homme : sur Cioran” (Arnold Heumakers)

Cahiers Emil Cioran. Approches critiques III, 2001 La fascination de la fin des temps et de l'apocalypse est, comme vous le savez, une particularité des fins de siècle. On peut le constater aujourd'hui, et on peut le constater surtout dans les dernières années du siècle précédent. Le mot `fin de siècle' a une saveur très… Continue lendo “L’Apocalypse et le dernier homme : sur Cioran” (Arnold Heumakers)