I Grew Up In An Apocalyptic Cult – Hope BASTINE | Minutes With | @LADbible

Hope Bastine shares her experience in one of the world's most hideous cults: "Children of God", which turns out to be a global sex cult that would make Marquis de Sade rejoice in ecstasy. Hope talks about the years of abuse within the sect and her incredible fight for survival, escape, and quest for justice.… Continue lendo I Grew Up In An Apocalyptic Cult – Hope BASTINE | Minutes With | @LADbible


“The Essenes & The Dead Sea Scrolls” – Filip HOLM | Let’s Talk Religion

In this episode, we explore the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Qumran community and ask the question whether or not this group can be identified as the Essenes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIxxpesgY_I Sources/Recomended Reading: Klawans, Jonathan (2016). "The Essene Hypothesis: Insights from Religion 101". Brill. Magness, Jodi (2021). "The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls". Second Edition.… Continue lendo “The Essenes & The Dead Sea Scrolls” – Filip HOLM | Let’s Talk Religion

Inside Fiji’s Violent Doomsday Cult | Investigators

Grace Road Church believes a nuclear-tinged Judgement Day is rapidly approaching — and that Fiji is the post-apocalyptic promised land from which they’ll feed humanity. But despite repeated accusations of abuses, including ritual beatings and forcing members to perform unpaid labour, they received a warm welcome from Fijian officials. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd_7meGoyGs An investigation by the OCCRP… Continue lendo Inside Fiji’s Violent Doomsday Cult | Investigators

America’s Extreme Cults: The End of the World That Never Happened | USA Cult Documentary

Let us leave off these divagations, for it serves no purpose to invent a “comforting interlude,” wearisome feature of all eschatologies. Not that we may not conceive this new humanity, transfigured on the brink of the horrible; yet who can assure us that, its goal once achieved, it would not fall back into the miseries… Continue lendo America’s Extreme Cults: The End of the World That Never Happened | USA Cult Documentary

Alexander Dugin: Extreme Thought on Apocalypticism and Heidegger?

The Dark Fantastic: Literature, Philosophy, and Digital Arts


Right off the bat: I do not share what I describe below in any form or fashion, but we have to take a peek into the dark side of strangeness and keep abreast of the fringes that seem to be insinuating themselves into politics abroad and at home.

For those that have kept abreast of the Utlra-Right mutations and divigations from NRx to the New Right of European thought there is an interview with the Russian apocalypse, Alexander Dugin on Martin Heidegger:

Dugin has the ear of Putin, and one is almost reminded of the Old Csar of the Russian Empire and Grigori Rasputin. Dugin has just enough of the political witchcraft of Western conceptuality to make him dangerous. He is he tells us neither of the Right or the Left, and against all forms of Modernity as he perceives it: both liberal and communist. He’s an apocalyptic Christian…

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