Zen and Nonduality – Kazuaki TANAHASHI

Kazuaki Tanahashi talks about Zen Buddhism and its relation to Nonduality, the symbolism of the ensō (円相, "circular form") calligraphy, and the Heart Sutra. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03NUs0WOpAg Kazuaki Tanahashi (棚橋一晃, born October 4, 1933) is an accomplished Japanese calligrapher, Zen teacher, author and translator of Buddhist texts from Japanese and Chinese to English, most notably works by… Continue lendo Zen and Nonduality – Kazuaki TANAHASHI


“The Ultimate Dream” – John GRAY

In Buddhist meditation, the adept peels away the veils of habit that shroud our senses by a practice of bare attention. Buddhists believe that by the refinement of attention we can attain insight into reality – the momentary, vanishing world that ordinary attention simplifies and makes palatable to us. In order to help us live,… Continue lendo “The Ultimate Dream” – John GRAY