“The Gnostic Emile Cioran” – David TOPALĂ

An (often overlooked) giant in modern philosophy is Emile Cioran. Beyond his legendary critiques of culture and his contributions to existentialism and pessimism, Cioran resurrected Gnostic thought as a black mirror to a self-important, self-destructive society that continues today. We explore Cioran’s Gnostic insights and aphorisms – from the wrath of the Demiurge to the… Continue lendo “The Gnostic Emile Cioran” – David TOPALĂ


“Bogomils: From Satanail to Satan” (Alexander Maistrovoy)

The God Above God, Oct 4, 2020 Dualistic religions did not occur in the steady, stable, and trouble-free states. They acquired strength only in places with an inordinate accumulation of suffering and where the darkness was so deeply condensed that the very earthly existence and all benevolent intentions became pointless. Where God and Satan swapped… Continue lendo “Bogomils: From Satanail to Satan” (Alexander Maistrovoy)

“Unde Malum? Dualist(oid) and Gnostic Imaginary, from Folk Mythology to Modern Romanian Literature” (Nicoleta Popa Blanariu)

Transylvanian Review (Academia Română, Centrul de Studii Transilvane, Cluj-Napoca), XXV, 2 (summer 2016) Abstract: Our contribution attempts to respond to a gap in the investigation of the reminiscences of dualistic imaginary in modern literature and also in the Romanian reflection on the phenomenon. By approaching more thoroughly a theme that we have already discussed, from… Continue lendo “Unde Malum? Dualist(oid) and Gnostic Imaginary, from Folk Mythology to Modern Romanian Literature” (Nicoleta Popa Blanariu)

“Cioran and Gnosticism” – Ciprian SONEA

STUDIA UNIVERSITATIS BABEŞ-BOLYAI THEOLOGIA ORTODOXA, vol. 63, no. 1, June 2018 Abstract: This study presents Cioran’s relation with Gnosticism that is marked by the fragmentary and contradictory style of Romanian thinker. This is caused by the specific ambivalence signaled by the Romanian essayist, ambivalence that is affirmed by the vitalist standpoint, and negated by the… Continue lendo “Cioran and Gnosticism” – Ciprian SONEA

“Why do anything? A meditation on procrastination” (Costica Bradatan)

"Gnostic thinking takes us to a privileged ontological realm: the state of perfection that precedes actualization. That which is yet to be born — be it the world, a person, a piece of furniture or a piece of writing like this one — may be nothing, but at this stage it is at its utmost.… Continue lendo “Why do anything? A meditation on procrastination” (Costica Bradatan)