“Receptarea critică a operei lui Cioran (I)” – Cornel MORARU

Studia Universitatis Petru Maior. Philologia - Academic Journal of Literature and Linguistics, nr. 03, 2004 Abstract: Our study proposes to delimit and circumscribe the main moments of Cioran’s receptivity in Romanian culture, beginning with his attitude in the interbelic period until the contemporary period. The author discovers more chronological references of Cioran’s receptivity, but at… Continue lendo “Receptarea critică a operei lui Cioran (I)” – Cornel MORARU

“Cioran – Breaking off Identity. A New Beginning” – Cornel MORARU

Journal of Romanian Literary Studies, 1, Arhipelag XXI Press, Tîrgu-Mureş, 2011, p. 17-24. Abstract: The paper attempts to focus on a deep modification in Cioran’s thinking that is simultaneous with his decision of writing only in French. In this moment of linguistic conversion a genuine “identity rupture”, also marked by a slight change of his name:… Continue lendo “Cioran – Breaking off Identity. A New Beginning” – Cornel MORARU