“Filosofía y futuro” – Richard RORTY

Supongan que hemos reformulado nuestro mapa del universo o nuestras instituciones políticas o la idea que tenemos acerca del sentido de nuestra vida: hemos cambiado todo esto de forma que ahora parece muy superior a lo que teníamos antes. ¿Deberíamos decir entonces que hemos logrado una visión correcta del universo, de la política o de… Continue lendo “Filosofía y futuro” – Richard RORTY


“A Brief History of the Soul (introduction)” – Stewart GOETZ & Charles TALIAFERRO

The current intellectual climate is quite hostile to the idea that we are embodied souls. The idea that there might be more to us than our physical bodies is out of step with contemporary secular phil- osophy. There is a prevailing assumption that we human beings and other animals are thoroughly physical–chemical realities. To be… Continue lendo “A Brief History of the Soul (introduction)” – Stewart GOETZ & Charles TALIAFERRO

“Religion from the Outside” – Freeman DYSON

The New York Review of Books, June 22, 2006 Book review: Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, by Daniel C. Dennett (Viking Penguin, 448 pp., $25.95) 1. Breaking the spell of religion is a game  that many people can play. The best player of this game that I ever knew was Professor G.H.… Continue lendo “Religion from the Outside” – Freeman DYSON