“Emil Cioran: la présence et l’écart” – Ovidiu HURDUZEU

Master's Thesis presented to the Department of Foreign Languages, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Master of Arts, San Jose State University, USA, August, 1993 [PDF] ABSTRACT: In this essay Cioran: La presence et l'écart, the author has examined the works of the Romanian-born French writer E.M.Cioran, a brilliant exponent of the… Continue lendo “Emil Cioran: la présence et l’écart” – Ovidiu HURDUZEU


“Emil Cioran: a deconstructive philosophy” (Angela Botez)

COGITO - Multidisciplinary Research Journal (Bucharest), vol. III, no. 4/december, 2011 Abstract: For Cioran, expressing (something, someone) is the same with a postponed ripost or an aggression left for lateron and his writing is a solution, not to act, to avoid a crisis. His indignation is not as much a moral outset, as it is a literary… Continue lendo “Emil Cioran: a deconstructive philosophy” (Angela Botez)