What’s Behind Thailand’s Alarming Suicide Rate? | Undercover Asia

"If I like the correspondence of Dostoyevsky and Baudelaire so much, it is because it revolves mainly around money and illness, the only 'fiery' subjects. The rest hardly matters."CIORAN, Cahiers : 1957-1972 COVID-19 is not the only epidemic that has hit Thailand, as the economic distress caused by the coronavirus is leading more and more… Continue lendo What’s Behind Thailand’s Alarming Suicide Rate? | Undercover Asia

“Shestov, or the purity of despair” – Czeslaw MILOSZ

Emperor of the Earth: modes of eccentric thinking, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1977, pp. 99-119 There was once a young woman by the name of Sorana Gurian. She emigrated to Paris in the 1950s from her native Rumania after adventures about which, she felt, the less said the better. In Paris her life of… Continue lendo “Shestov, or the purity of despair” – Czeslaw MILOSZ

“The «clairvoyants des abîmes»: Cioran, Reader of F.M. Dostoievsky” (Sergio García Guillem)

Human and Social Studies (HSS) - The Journal of "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University from Iasi, vol. 2, Issue 3 (Oct 2013), pp. 124-139. By Sergio García Guillem - Faculty of Philosophy and Sciences of Education, University of Valencia, Avenida Blanco Ibáñez 13, Nivel 4, Valencia, 46010, Spain Abstract: The discovery of F.M. Dostoyevsky by young E. M.… Continue lendo “The «clairvoyants des abîmes»: Cioran, Reader of F.M. Dostoievsky” (Sergio García Guillem)

“Emil Cioran: a deconstructive philosophy” (Angela Botez)

COGITO - Multidisciplinary Research Journal (Bucharest), vol. III, no. 4/december, 2011 Abstract: For Cioran, expressing (something, someone) is the same with a postponed ripost or an aggression left for lateron and his writing is a solution, not to act, to avoid a crisis. His indignation is not as much a moral outset, as it is a literary… Continue lendo “Emil Cioran: a deconstructive philosophy” (Angela Botez)