“If you’re frightened of dying…” – Meister ECKHART | Jacob’s Ladder scene

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yt3Ny_BG3yQ "The only thing that burns in hell is the part of you that won't let go of your life. Your memories, your attachements, They burn'em all away. But they're not punishing you he said,... They're freeing your soul... If your frightened of dying, and you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away.… Continue lendo “If you’re frightened of dying…” – Meister ECKHART | Jacob’s Ladder scene

“Encounters with the void” (E.M. Cioran)

The Hudson Review, Vol. 23, No. 1 (Spring, 1970), pp. 37-48 Transl. by Frederick Brown THE MORE WE PONDER Buddha's last exhortation: "Death is inherent in all compound things. Work relentlessly for your salvation"-the more we are disturbed by the impossibility of feeling ourselves an aggregate, a transitory, if not fortuitous combination of elements. We… Continue lendo “Encounters with the void” (E.M. Cioran)