“Enlightenment as Exodus: Jewish Ulysses” – Agata BIELIK-ROBSON

University of Bucharest Review. Literary and Cultural Studies Series, nr. 2, 2006, p. 25-29. [PDF] Summary/Abstract: In Dialectic of Enlightenment, the leading achievement and the intellectual highlight of the Frankfurt School, Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno, the famous authorial duo, claim that the main civilisational force which created modern culture is escape from mystery. Only by… Continue lendo “Enlightenment as Exodus: Jewish Ulysses” – Agata BIELIK-ROBSON


“The End of Theory” – Byung-Chul HAN

Columbus and His Egg Bentham likened his panopticon to ‘Columbus and his egg’. By his account, the invention should be applied to all disciplinary milieus of incarceration because it promotes the exceptionally efficient surveillance of inmates. The panopticon represents a watershed in the social order: ‘What would you say, if by the gradual adoption and… Continue lendo “The End of Theory” – Byung-Chul HAN