“Esoteric Gatherings” – Benjamin TEITELBAUM

I SPENT DECEMBER 2018 AT HOME IN BOULDER PLAYING catch-up with events that had taken place on the global political stage during the past months. This was the time of midterm congressional elections in the United States, and the Democrats had taken the House of Representatives but failed to wrest control of the Senate from… Continue lendo “Esoteric Gatherings” – Benjamin TEITELBAUM

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: “Dealing with Christian superstition” (Robert M. Price)

Superstition is more than just believing in fiction. It’s a dangerous incubator for cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, and warped perceptual filters. Most of all, superstition cuts us off from experiencing the sublime and engaging in deep introspection. We deal with Christian superstition, from the notions of eternal damnation to the idea of a personal Jesus… Continue lendo Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: “Dealing with Christian superstition” (Robert M. Price)