The Real Threat to American Democracy | NYT Opinion

For the past two years, Americans have been overwhelmed by a deluge of headlines suggesting democracy in the United States is under threat: Voter suppression. A shortage of drop boxes. Election deniers seeking key state offices. It can be difficult to gauge what stories suggest a truly terrifying threat to democracy, and which are simply… Continue lendo The Real Threat to American Democracy | NYT Opinion


Why America Is In A New Era of Political Violence | Breaking The Vote

In this episode of Breaking the Vote, the VICE team travels to the U.S.-Mexico border to report on Texas voters now fearing a “takeover” conspiracy by immigrants. Plus, Liz Landers heads to Capitol Hill and hears the first-hand accounts of lawmakers on the receiving end of violent death threats and much more. RELATED CONTENT:

Trump’s American Carnage | Frontline PBS

From his first days as president to his last, how Trump stoked division, violence and insurrection. In the wake of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, FRONTLINE investigates how Donald Trump’s presidency laid the groundwork for bitter divisions, violence and ultimately insurrection. “Trump’s American Carnage” investigates Trump’s siege on his enemies, the media… Continue lendo Trump’s American Carnage | Frontline PBS

Reverb: the QAnon effect | CBS News

What started out as a fringe conspiracy theory in 2017 has recently spread into the mainstream. Dozens of people linked to the baseless QAnon conspiracy theory ran for federal office in 2020, and two were elected to Congress. This documentary explores how QAnon has taken root amid challenging times and a growing distrust in… Continue lendo Reverb: the QAnon effect | CBS News

Why the Far-Right Is Fawning Over Strongmen | Vice News From Hungary to Texas, the Breaking the Vote teams travel around the world to trace the steady rise of authoritarianism and its impact in the U.S. RELATED CONTENT:

Trump and QAnon: the Cult and the Conspiracy | Al Jazeera

After being forced off mainstream social media, QAnon followers fled to the outer reaches of the internet and, since then, QAnon’s gamification of reality has morphed into more pragmatic goals - like electing certain politicians. Chief among them is Donald Trump, whose occasional flirtation with the movement has moved to more of an open embrace.… Continue lendo Trump and QAnon: the Cult and the Conspiracy | Al Jazeera

How Propaganda Is Destroying Democracy | Breaking The Vote The VICE News team travels through Texas in search of what a post-Trump Republican party looks like. Plus, they report on the propaganda coursing through society and the dangerous intersection between Qanon and the Evangelical church. RELATED CONTENT:

America’s Authoritarians: The US political divide – Part 1 | People and Power

With guns in their hands and faith in God at their side, many Republicans in the United States continue to believe that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump. As a result, the country remains deeply divided over the last contest for the White House - and the violent attempts at the Capitol that followed to overturn the result.… Continue lendo America’s Authoritarians: The US political divide – Part 1 | People and Power

Using Fear to Reshape America | Breaking The Vote

In this episode of Breaking the Vote we hear the threats election officials have received following the 2020 election. Plus, how fear is being manufactured for political gain and we speak to one lawmaker who successfully fought back against false attacks. RELATED CONTENT:

“Au Brésil, une présidentielle à haut risque” – Alexandra SCHWARTZBROD

Libération, le 11 août 2022 A deux mois du scrutin, les craintes sont grandes de voir Jair Bolsonaro tenter un coup de force similaire à celui de Donald Trump s’il n’était pas réélu. Depuis l’élection de Donald Trump et son assaut sur le Capitole quatre ans plus tard, on sait que nos démocraties, que l’on… Continue lendo “Au Brésil, une présidentielle à haut risque” – Alexandra SCHWARTZBROD