EXILES – The Unesco Courier

UNESCO, October 1996 CONTENTS: INTERVIEW - Werner Arber reflects on biodiversity and the place of science in societyThe darkness and light of exile - Bahgat Elnadi & Adel RifaatA land of no return - Abdelmalek SayadThe coolie's odyssey - Khaleel TorabullyTravellers from a far country - Bujor NedelcoviciThe roots of the banyan tree - René… Continue lendo EXILES – The Unesco Courier

“How do I stay in the present moment when it feels unbearable?” – Thich Nhat HANH

"What is truth?" is a fundamental question. But what is it compared to "How to endure life?" And even this one pales beside the next: "How to endure oneself?" - That is the crucial question in which no one is in a position to give us an answer.CIORAN, Drawn & Quartered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5Ka2RS0UC4 Thich Nhat Hanh… Continue lendo “How do I stay in the present moment when it feels unbearable?” – Thich Nhat HANH

“E.M. Cioran: The Delusions of our Sadness” (S.C. Hickman)

DARK CHEMISTRY - Philosophy, Art, and Ecology at the crossroads of Speculative Realism, November 11th, 2010 "However much I have frequented the mystics, deep down I have always sided with the Devil; unable to equal him in power, I have tried to be worthy of him, at least, in insolence, acrimony, arbitrariness, and caprice."       … Continue lendo “E.M. Cioran: The Delusions of our Sadness” (S.C. Hickman)

“Curto prazo final (sobre E. M. Cioran)” – George STEINER

Quando lhe mostraram um epigrama de uma linha e meia, Nicolas de Chamfort (1741-94), mestre da brevidade mordaz, comentou que ele demonstraria mais espírito se fosse mais curto. O epigrama, o aforismo, a máxima são o haicai do pensamento. Procuram condensar a percepção mais aguçada no menor número possível de palavras. Quase por definição, e mesmo quando se prende estritamente… Continue lendo “Curto prazo final (sobre E. M. Cioran)” – George STEINER