“Project of Negative Ethics” – Julio CABRERA

Misantropia e Melancolia

This is an English translation of the first chapter of Julio Cabrera’s Projeto de Ética Negativa (1989). The full book in Portuguese can be accessed here.
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negative ethics.png “Killing someone and giving birth to someone are two violent actions through which, magically, man tries to put himself in God’s place. The victim of a homicide is always helpless, but never as helpless as the victim of a birth. Childbirth spills as much innocent blood as a homicide. If procreation is a free choice, then life is fundamentally unnecessary pain.” Back cover of the book.


Preface ………. 7
I.  Parenthood and abstention ………. 17
II.  Suicide ………. 33
III. Small murders ………. 51
IV.  Concealment of non-being. Illusion and survival ………. 69
V.   Ethical discourse and indeterminacy ………. 85
VI.  Philosophy and the paradoxes of knowledge ………. 99


Many philosophers already had the profound intuition of the inexpressible character of ethics…

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“O suicida: um viajante kafkiano” – Julio CABRERA

As condenações morais do suicídio – desde a de Schopenhauer, que o considera ilusão, até Wittgenstein, que o considera “o máximo pecado moral” – são lugares filosóficos muito estratégicos para aprender os mecanismos de constituição das Éticas afirmativas. [...] A abordagem kantiana do suicídio é extremamente pobre, do ponto de vista psicológico, como a totalidade… Continue lendo “O suicida: um viajante kafkiano” – Julio CABRERA