“The Gnostic Emile Cioran” – David TOPALĂ

An (often overlooked) giant in modern philosophy is Emile Cioran. Beyond his legendary critiques of culture and his contributions to existentialism and pessimism, Cioran resurrected Gnostic thought as a black mirror to a self-important, self-destructive society that continues today. We explore Cioran’s Gnostic insights and aphorisms – from the wrath of the Demiurge to the… Continue lendo “The Gnostic Emile Cioran” – David TOPALĂ

“The Devil Reassured” – CIORAN

Why is God so dull, so feeble, so inadequately picturesque? Why does He lack interest, vigor, actuality and resemble us so little? Is there any image less anthropomorphic and more gratuitously remote? How could we have projected into Him lights so dim and powers so unsteady? Where have our energeis leaked away to, where have… Continue lendo “The Devil Reassured” – CIORAN

“Eminescu şi Cioran. Pozitivitatea negativului” – Iosif CHEIE-PANTEA

Colocviul Internaţional Comunicare Şi Cultură În Romania Europeană (CICCRE), IV, 2015 Abstract: (Eminescu and Cioran. The positive character of the negative) Emil Cioran's admiration for Eminescu is total and constant. He considers that the great poet does not only reflect the expression of the Romanian soul’s essence, but also the huge creative force that saved us as a… Continue lendo “Eminescu şi Cioran. Pozitivitatea negativului” – Iosif CHEIE-PANTEA

“The Evil Creator and The Sethians” – David LITWA

The idea of a deficient Demiurge was widespread in early Christian times. Why? Between a literal reading of the Hebrew Bible and pagan polemics, the moral and authoritative standing of the creator was fiercely questioned. From Egyptian priests to Gnostic sects, from Paul to Marcion, we read the ancient Yelp reviews of Yahweh. As a… Continue lendo “The Evil Creator and The Sethians” – David LITWA

“The Demiurge” – CIORAN

The Demiurge is the most useful god who ever was.CIORAN, The New Gods (1969) The Demiurge With the exception of some aberrant cases, man does not incline to the good: what god would impel him to do so? Man must vanquish himself, must do himself violence, in order to perform the slightest action untainted by… Continue lendo “The Demiurge” – CIORAN

“Why Evil Matters” (Alex Tsakiris)

THE GOD ABOVE GOD, December 26, 2020 We discuss the nature of iniquity, including why modern culture seems to overlook or misdiagnose the forces of evil. Our exploration will take us to the realms of spiritual wickedness and the darkest depths of today’s society. However, going into the heart of darkness will reveal the illumination… Continue lendo “Why Evil Matters” (Alex Tsakiris)

“The evil demiurge” (E. M. Cioran)

The Hudson Review, vol. 20, no. 2 (Summer, 1967), pp. 189-200. Translated by Frederick Brown from CIORAN, E. M., "Le mauvais démiurge", Le mauvais démiurge. Paris: Gallimard: 1969. Man, apart from a few anomalies, does not have a bent for the good; what god would prompt him to it? To perform the tiniest act untainted… Continue lendo “The evil demiurge” (E. M. Cioran)