“Peter Singer: Ordinary People Are Evil” – Jeffrey KAPLAN

All ethics represent a danger for goodness; only negligence rescues it. Having chosen the phlegm of the imbecile and the apathy of the angel, I have excluded myself from actions and, since goodness is incompatible with life, I have decomposed myself in order to be good.” CIORAN, A Short History of Decay This is a… Continue lendo “Peter Singer: Ordinary People Are Evil” – Jeffrey KAPLAN

“An Essay On Reactionary Thought”: De Maistre’s divine providentialism vs. Cioran’s atheodicy

Justification by Providence is the quixotism of theology.The adjective satanic, which [De Maistre] applied to the French Revolution he might just as well have extended to all events [...] especially the most important one: the Creation.E. M. CIORAN “Nothing is where it belongs”: the refrain of all emigrations, and also the point of departure for… Continue lendo “An Essay On Reactionary Thought”: De Maistre’s divine providentialism vs. Cioran’s atheodicy

“The Devil Reassured” – CIORAN

Why is God so dull, so feeble, so inadequately picturesque? Why does He lack interest, vigor, actuality and resemble us so little? Is there any image less anthropomorphic and more gratuitously remote? How could we have projected into Him lights so dim and powers so unsteady? Where have our energeis leaked away to, where have… Continue lendo “The Devil Reassured” – CIORAN

“The Demiurge” – CIORAN

The Demiurge is the most useful god who ever was.CIORAN, The New Gods (1969) The Demiurge With the exception of some aberrant cases, man does not incline to the good: what god would impel him to do so? Man must vanquish himself, must do himself violence, in order to perform the slightest action untainted by… Continue lendo “The Demiurge” – CIORAN

“I Saw People Being Beheaded And Eaten By Dogs” – Antoinette MUTABAZI

Antoinette Mutabazi, who survived the Rwandan genocide in 1994, talks about the horror she witnessed during the 100 days of genocide, what happened to her family and the one thing that helped her to move on... Antoinette's countenance expresses a profound, infinite pain that seems to date back to the very creation of the world.… Continue lendo “I Saw People Being Beheaded And Eaten By Dogs” – Antoinette MUTABAZI

The Aesthetic of Evil – The Cinema Cartography

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4JPZonR9po Timestamps (Selected Work): 0:00 Introduction3:00 The Night of The Hunter (Dir: Charles Laughton)5:44 Fanny and Alexander (Dir: Ingmar Bergman)7:35 The Dark Knight (Dir: Christopher Nolan)9:07 The Wire (Creator: David Simon)12:22 Monster (Creator: Naoki Urasawa 浦沢 直樹)14:03 Nil by Mouth (Dir: Gary Oldman)15:49 Psycho (Dir: Alfred Hitchcock)16:39 The House That Jack Built (Dir: Lars Von… Continue lendo The Aesthetic of Evil – The Cinema Cartography

“Why Evil Matters” (Alex Tsakiris)

THE GOD ABOVE GOD, December 26, 2020 We discuss the nature of iniquity, including why modern culture seems to overlook or misdiagnose the forces of evil. Our exploration will take us to the realms of spiritual wickedness and the darkest depths of today’s society. However, going into the heart of darkness will reveal the illumination… Continue lendo “Why Evil Matters” (Alex Tsakiris)

“How Westworld reveals the hidden secrets of an ancient spiritual philosophy” – Aya AROHI

The Inner Wisdom Project, January 11, 2018 Westworld is the best television show I’ve ever seen — thanks to the powerful spiritual message hidden just beneath the surface (just as it is in our life). Premiering in October 2016, the television series Westworld had the most-watched season premiere ever for an original HBO series. “It averaged 11.7… Continue lendo “How Westworld reveals the hidden secrets of an ancient spiritual philosophy” – Aya AROHI

“Cioran: Existentialism, Gnosticism, Nihilism” – Ioan P. CULIANU

Existentialism We will not insist on analyzing the relations between existentialism and Gnosticism established by Hans Jonas. I have already done this elsewhere, in detail (Gnosticismo, pp. 119 sq.). Gnosticism and existentialism resemble the phenomenology of the being-in-the-world, which is "pro-iectation" (Geworfenheit), abandonment, forgetfulness, inauthenticity. But while this condition forms, for the Gnostic, only the… Continue lendo “Cioran: Existentialism, Gnosticism, Nihilism” – Ioan P. CULIANU

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: “Dealing with Christian superstition” – Robert M. PRICE

Superstition is more than just believing in fiction. It’s a dangerous incubator for cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, and warped perceptual filters. Most of all, superstition cuts us off from experiencing the sublime and engaging in deep introspection. We deal with Christian superstition, from the notions of eternal damnation to the idea of a personal Jesus… Continue lendo Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio: “Dealing with Christian superstition” – Robert M. PRICE