“The Unsaved” – John GRAY

The certitude that there is no salvation is a form of salvation, in fact it is salvation. Starting from here, one might organise our own life as well as construct a philosophy of history: the insoluble as solution, as the only way out.E. M. CIORAN 1. Saviours The Buddha promised release from something we all… Continue lendo “The Unsaved” – John GRAY

“Lev Shestov and Kierkegaard” – Nikolai BERDYAEV

The book of L. Shestov about Kierkegaard, 1  beautifully translated into the French language, -- is perhaps the finest of his books. It was brilliantly written, just like the greater part of the books of this author. In it his fundamental thought is expressed with the greatest of concentration, but also with the greatest of clarity,… Continue lendo “Lev Shestov and Kierkegaard” – Nikolai BERDYAEV