“Conhece-te a ti mesmo” e a gnose helenística: Sócrates e o Herege Gnóstico (um contraponto) | Minicurso on-line

Gnosis é uma das palavras gregas para dizer “conhecimento”, mas não a única (há também episteme). Encontramo-la na máxima délfica que se tornaria o lema socrático por excelência: “Conhece-te a ti mesmo”, Gnôthi seauton em grego. A gnose, na acepção específica que nos interessa aqui (religião e heresia gnóstica, gnose helenística, gnosticismo cristão), tem em… Continue lendo “Conhece-te a ti mesmo” e a gnose helenística: Sócrates e o Herege Gnóstico (um contraponto) | Minicurso on-line


“The Gnostic Emile Cioran” – David TOPALĂ

An (often overlooked) giant in modern philosophy is Emile Cioran. Beyond his legendary critiques of culture and his contributions to existentialism and pessimism, Cioran resurrected Gnostic thought as a black mirror to a self-important, self-destructive society that continues today. We explore Cioran’s Gnostic insights and aphorisms – from the wrath of the Demiurge to the… Continue lendo “The Gnostic Emile Cioran” – David TOPALĂ

“Gnostic Pneumatherapy” – Joseph LANCASTER / “Gnosticism as Negative Psychology” – Peter SLOTERDIJK

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xacTnd8xsw Dr. Joseph Lancaster joins Finding Hermes to discuss his Gnostic approach to psychic wellness. His work draws from ancient and modern Gnosticism, from the Sophianic myth to the insights of CG Jung and Stephan Hoeller. So much healing depends on taking the Hero’s Journey, which always includes self-knowledge and defeating the dragons of ignorance.… Continue lendo “Gnostic Pneumatherapy” – Joseph LANCASTER / “Gnosticism as Negative Psychology” – Peter SLOTERDIJK

“Los senderos de la sabiduría de la cábala” – Amparo ALBA

Fundación Juan March, 24 de abril de 2018 Las diez sefirot constituyen el árbol de la vida, una estructura cósmica utilizada por los cabalistas como vía mística para ascender desde lo terrenal hacia el mundo de la divinidad. Este saber, junto a otros de carácter oculto, se transmitieron de generación en generación a través de… Continue lendo “Los senderos de la sabiduría de la cábala” – Amparo ALBA

“You don’t need religion” – Alan WATTS

If you don’t know what you want, then you have reached the state of desirelessness.Alan Watts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0Y1eX24rbM Alan Watts give a speech on knowing the unknown in his one hour long lecture on zen buddhism. RELATED CONTENT:

The Mysterious Origins of the Angel Metatron from the 3rd Book of Enoch | ESOTERICA

Metatron is probably the most powerful and mysterious Angel in Jewish lore. But what are the origins of this being known as the "Lesser Yahweh (יהוה הקתן)" ? In the 5/6th century ce Sefer Hekhalot (Book of Palaces or 3 Enoch), we go on a heavenly journey to the Throne (merkavah) of God with Rabbi… Continue lendo The Mysterious Origins of the Angel Metatron from the 3rd Book of Enoch | ESOTERICA

“The Faith of Puppets” – John GRAY

Going far back into the ancient world, recurring in cultures widely separated in space and time, surfacing in religion, philosophy and the occult, exercising a powerful influence in modern science and politics, Gnosticism has coexisted and competed with, secreted itself within and hidden itself from many other ways of thinking. There have been Gnostic strands… Continue lendo “The Faith of Puppets” – John GRAY

“The Revelation of Philip K. Dick” – John GRAY

It would be hard to find a more striking statement of a Gnostic world-view than this: Behind the counterfeit universe lies God … It is not a man who is estranged from God; it is God who is estranged from God. He evidently willed it this way at the beginning, and has never since sought… Continue lendo “The Revelation of Philip K. Dick” – John GRAY

“The Evil Creator and The Sethians” – David LITWA

The idea of a deficient Demiurge was widespread in early Christian times. Why? Between a literal reading of the Hebrew Bible and pagan polemics, the moral and authoritative standing of the creator was fiercely questioned. From Egyptian priests to Gnostic sects, from Paul to Marcion, we read the ancient Yelp reviews of Yahweh. As a… Continue lendo “The Evil Creator and The Sethians” – David LITWA

“Gnosticism as negative psychology” – Peter SLOTERDIJK

In Gnosticism metaphysics is transformed into psychopathology and pneumato-pathology. It deems the arrival of the soul in the world to be a catastrophe of alienation; all life in the dazzling direction of the outward path is, in a fundamental sense, “grieving” – which is the effect of separating from the self. As a critique of… Continue lendo “Gnosticism as negative psychology” – Peter SLOTERDIJK