The Valentinians: Ancient Christian Gnostics? | Religion for Breakfast

Valentinianism was a prominent variety of early Christianity starting in the 2nd century CE. Some call it a form of Gnosticism. But what is Valentinianism all about? Further reading: Piotr Ashwin-Siejkowski, "Valentinus’ Legacy and Polyphony of Voices" [2022] Geoffrey Smith, "Valentinian Christianity" [2020] Ismo Dunderberg, "Beyond Gnosticism" [2008]


GNOSTICS, by Stephen Segaller (1988) Gnostics is a film in four parts. A drama-documentary film made by Stephen Segaller, creator/producer of The Wisdom of the Dream. Gnostics was winner of the Gold Medal for religious programs at the 31st New York International Film and Television Festival, 1988. The knowledge of the heart which the gnostics sought went beyond dogma… Continue lendo GNOSTICS, by Stephen Segaller (1988)