“Self-Reliance or Mere Gnosticism” – Harold BLOOM

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b04zs6QHuWM I am to invite men drenched in Time to recover themselves and come out of time, and taste their native immortal air.– RALPH WALDO EMERSON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLPazL-wcwM&t=4s If you seek yourself outside yourself, then you will encounter disaster, whether erotic or ideological. That must be why Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his  central  essay,  “Self-Reliance”  (1840),… Continue lendo “Self-Reliance or Mere Gnosticism” – Harold BLOOM


“Self-Reliance, or Mere Gnosticism” – Harold BLOOM

Even the most spiritual of autobiographies is necessarily a song of the self. At sixty-five, I find myself uncertain just when my self was born. I cannot locate it in my earliest memories of childhood, and yet I recall its presence in certain memories of reading, particularly of the poets William Blake and Hart Crane,… Continue lendo “Self-Reliance, or Mere Gnosticism” – Harold BLOOM

“Autodependência (ou simples gnosticismo)” – Harold BLOOM

1. Quero convidar homens encharcados de Tempo a recuperar-se e sair do Tempo,e provar seu imortal ar nativo. EMERSON Se nos buscamos fora de nós mesmos, encontraremos a catástrofe, erótica ou ideológica. Deve ser por isso que Ralph Waldo Emerson, em seu fundamental ensaio "Self-reliance" [Autodependência] (1840), observou que "viajar é o paraíso dos tolos".… Continue lendo “Autodependência (ou simples gnosticismo)” – Harold BLOOM