“The Gnostic Emile Cioran” – David TOPALA

An (often overlooked) giant in modern philosophy is Emile Cioran. Beyond his legendary critiques of culture and his contributions to existentialism and pessimism, Cioran resurrected Gnostic thought as a black mirror to a self-important, self-destructive society that continues today. We explore Cioran’s Gnostic insights and aphorisms – from the wrath of the Demiurge to the… Continue lendo “The Gnostic Emile Cioran” – David TOPALA


“Marcion of Synope’s relevance in the contemporary world vis- à-vis religious violence” (G. Andrade)

Acta theologica, vol. 38, n.2, Bloemfontein, 2018 ABSTRACT Marcion of Synope has long been considered a heretic by all Christian churches. He is frequently grouped with the Gnostic trends of Early Christianity, although this is not entirely accurate. While he made a handsome financial contribution to the Church of Rome, he was eventually excommunicated. Yet, even if his doctrines… Continue lendo “Marcion of Synope’s relevance in the contemporary world vis- à-vis religious violence” (G. Andrade)

“Cioran: Existentialism, Gnosticism, Nihilism” – Ioan P. CULIANU

Existentialism We will not insist on analyzing the relations between existentialism and Gnosticism established by Hans Jonas. I have already done this elsewhere, in detail (Gnosticismo, pp. 119 sq.). Gnosticism and existentialism resemble the phenomenology of the being-in-the-world, which is "pro-iectation" (Geworfenheit), abandonment, forgetfulness, inauthenticity. But while this condition forms, for the Gnostic, only the… Continue lendo “Cioran: Existentialism, Gnosticism, Nihilism” – Ioan P. CULIANU

“Insomnolent Anathemas – E.M. Cioran’s Unbelieving Gift to Theology” (Philip G. Ziegler)

Theology Today, 75(3), 391-398 Abstract: Over several decades during the second half of the last century, the Romanian-born Parisian intellectual, E.M. Cioran penned a series of uneasy works whose despondent obsession with God is matched only by their utter disavowal of the reality of the divine. Wrestling pessimistically with nihilism in world forged by chronic insomnia,… Continue lendo “Insomnolent Anathemas – E.M. Cioran’s Unbelieving Gift to Theology” (Philip G. Ziegler)