English Preface to History & Utopia – Eugene THACKER

The desire for utopia is, arguably, as urgent and as necessary as the desire for history. They are the meaning-making activities through which we as human beings project ourselves back into the past and forward into the future. And yet, both are fabrications, products of human intellectual labor, forged and re-forged with all the solidity… Continue lendo English Preface to History & Utopia – Eugene THACKER

Letter To A Faraway Friend – E.M. CIORAN

Never to have occasion to take a position, to make up one’s mind, or to define oneself—there is no wish I make more often. But we do not always master our moods, those attitudes in the bud, those rough drafts of theory. Viscerally inclined to systems, we ceaselessly construct them, especially in politics, domain of… Continue lendo Letter To A Faraway Friend – E.M. CIORAN

“The doubter of doubt” (David Davidar)

THE HINDU India, Sunday, August 26, 2001 MY favourite philosopher E.M Cioran was a world class grump. Pictures of him show a gaunt old man with a faint resemblance to that other supreme misanthrope Samuel Beckett. There were other resemblances between the Romanian and the Irishman. They were friends and both lived in exile in Paris.… Continue lendo “The doubter of doubt” (David Davidar)