The Warsaw Ghetto | DW Documentary

A Polish businessman risked his life to film everyday life in the Warsaw Ghetto. These harrowing 8 mm movies were stored for decades in archives, and are shown publicly for the first time in this documentary. The original title of the film is "Warsaw: A City Divided", directed by Eric Bednarski. The Warsaw Ghetto… Continue lendo The Warsaw Ghetto | DW Documentary


Germany’s Neo-Nazis & the Far Right | FRONTLINE Documentary

Decades after the Holocaust, FRONTLINE investigates the resurgence of far-right extremism and violence in Germany — and what authorities are doing to confront the growing problem. From producer, director and correspondent Evan Williams, who has been covering the far right in Europe for almost a decade, “Germany’s Neo-Nazis & the Far Right” looks at… Continue lendo Germany’s Neo-Nazis & the Far Right | FRONTLINE Documentary

Warsaw after the Second World War: The ghosts of Muranow | DW Documentary

Residents of Warsaw’s Muranow district claim they live amongst Jewish ghosts. These ghosts go wandering through the streets of the neighbourhood that, before World War II, they called home. Before Muranow became the Warsaw Ghetto, this flourishing district was once an important cultural center for the Jewish community. German bombardment devastated the neighbourhood, burying… Continue lendo Warsaw after the Second World War: The ghosts of Muranow | DW Documentary