“The Selfless Revanchist: a note on Cioran” – Peter SLOTERDIJK

Cioran reveals himself to be a dark doppelganger of Heidegger. Where the latter elaborated the crypto-Catholic thesis that thinking means thanking, Cioran unfolds the black-Gnostic counter-thesis that thinking means avenging oneself. In both cases thinking is a corresponding: a logical gathering and giving back of that which was sent to the thinker as a gift… Continue lendo “The Selfless Revanchist: a note on Cioran” – Peter SLOTERDIJK


“Parisian Buddhism: Cioran’s exercises” – Peter SLOTERDIJK

The last figure I wish to present in these introductory reflections, the Romanian aphorist Emile M. Cioran, who was born in 1911 and lived in Paris from 1937 to 1995, is likewise part of the great turn that is at issue here. He is an important informant for us, because one can see in his… Continue lendo “Parisian Buddhism: Cioran’s exercises” – Peter SLOTERDIJK