Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin | Nexus Symposium (2019)

On 21 September 2019, the Nexus Institute — one of the most prestigious intellectual organizations keeping the spirit of European humanism alive — celebrated its 25th anniversary with a public symposium entitled ‘The Magic Mountain Revisited: Cultivating the Human Spirit in Dispirited Times’, after the founding novel of the Nexus Institute, Thomas Mann’s The Magic… Continue lendo Bernard-Henri Lévy vs. Aleksandr Dugin | Nexus Symposium (2019)


“Schopenhauer’s crux” – John GRAY

The first and still unsurpassed critique of humanism was made by Arthur Schopenhauer. This combative bachelor, who retired to Frankfurt in 1833 for the last decades of his reclusive life because he thought the city had ‘no floods’, ‘better cafés’, ‘a skilful dentist and less bad physicians’, brought the way we think about ourselves to… Continue lendo “Schopenhauer’s crux” – John GRAY

“The Death of Utopia” – John GRAY

Modern politics is a chapter in the history of religion. The greatest of the revolutionary upheavals that have shaped so much of the history of the past two centuries were episodes in the history of faith – moments in the long dissolution of Christianity and the rise of modern political religion. The world in which… Continue lendo “The Death of Utopia” – John GRAY

“Spiritual Titanism: Indian, Chinese, and Western Perspectives” – Nicholas F. GIER

PREFACE What matters most for India is not so much the salvation of the personality as the acquisition of absolute freedom. —Mircea Eliade In the millennium to come we are meant to become Gods on other planets. This is the great potential of our Divinity. —Gopi Krishna The whole ascetic tradition . . . springs… Continue lendo “Spiritual Titanism: Indian, Chinese, and Western Perspectives” – Nicholas F. GIER